On August 29, 2013, FusionFall's servers on CartoonNetwork.com were permanently shut down. The image you see to the left of this table was the image that was presented to all of the players near 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time on the day of the game's closing.

   FusionFall was Cartoon Network's 'Biggest Game Ever.' Many children and young adults played the game and enjoyed it to no end. The game had very heavy potential, but sadly Cartoon Network decided to make a spin-off game called "FusionFall Heroes," which lacks many of the awesome features that made FusionFall (the MMO) such a unique gaming experience instead of upgrading the original game.

   Players lost communication with their friends through the game, and at one point everyone thought that never again will gamers be able to virtually walk across a vast land of which all their favorite Cartoon Network characters lived and interacted with one-another on, but now, there is slight hope. A group of dedicated individuals that grew up with or watched their kids play FusionFall are actively on a mission: A mission like no other. They're making a valiant effort to revitalize FusionFall's legacy as it was before, and then some, using the same game engine that ran FusionFall. All the F.M.H.Q. staff can disclose for now is "stay tuned." We have our fingers crossed, too!

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